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Bicep Workout Program to Guarantee the Biggest Biceps

In this article, we show you a list of the best exercises that better your biceps than usual, so be sure to make each routine slow and controlled, and what you need is to follow the descriptions of each routine, as well as the schedule, especially for beginners.

If You Despise Cardio, Do These 6 Things to Lose Fat (They’re More Effective Anyway!)

If you are from those who do not like running, cycling, swimming, HIIT workouts, or cardio, so that’s fine, so just read this article. However, a little cardio is good for your cardiovascular system and can help you burn calories, but you do not have to do cardio to lose weight, so a personal trainer with a NASM certificate, Sam Altieri, says the priority of these six things is to lose fatty tissue without making a drop of cardio.

I Fasted 16 Hours a Day For 1 Week — Here’s What It Actually Felt Like

In this article today we will present you the story of the intermittent fasting (IF), and the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words intermittent fasting (IF) is deprivation, which sounds almost unthinkable for a serial snacker like me. However, after a detailed study of IF, I quickly learned that there is a wide range of benefits associated with this, such as weight loss, blood sugar reduction, improved cognitive health and memory, reduced inflammation, energy, curbing sugar cravings, and also improving sleep.

This Trainer Explains How to Do Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

What we are going to talk about in this article today is for the intermittent fasting or IF, which has become a popular way to postpone meals to increase progress in weight loss, because, during the IF, you do not consume calories during what is called fasting window. This way of eating actually needs to help regulate blood sugar and increase your human growth hormone, which can help you burn fat and reach your goals.

The Super Sculpting Swimming Workout That Doesn’t Involve Laps

During this time of the year, the weather is too nice to be closed in the gym, while running in the heat is not the first choice, so we suggest you enter something new in your workout and that is the pool, and do not worry because we will not make you swim in endless circles.

10 Exercises That Fight Arthritis And Keep The Knees Strong

In this article today, we will show you exercises that fight arthritis and keep your knees strong, as many people face a very painful problem, such as arthritis, and that is a condition in which the joints become swollen, hot and often sick. However, arthritis affects the knee joint, the largest joint in the body, and one of the other common forms of arthritis is osteoarthritis, and with osteoarthritis, the hard tissue that covers the ends of the bones in the joints begins to decay.

Reduce Back Pain With These 1 Minute Stretching Exercises

There are many tutorials or stretching programs that help back pain because many aspects of life can create and cause back pain, but finding a solution to ease it has always been difficult, but also how much time do you have to dedicate.