If You Despise Cardio, Do These 6 Things to Lose Fat (They’re More Effective Anyway!)

If you are from those who do not like running, cycling, swimming, HIIT workouts, or cardio, so that’s fine, so just read this article. However, a little cardio is good for your cardiovascular system and can help you burn calories, but you do not have to do cardio to lose weight, so a personal trainer with a NASM certificate, Sam Altieri, says the priority of these six things is to lose fatty tissue without making a drop of cardio.

1. Eat in a Calorie Deficit

What you need to focus on is to consume fewer calories than your body needs by setting your caloric dose by multiplying body weight from 10 to 12 and your calorie intake should fall somewhere in these numbers. Also, another way to calculate your caloric deficiency is to calculate your TDEE (total energy consumption, what is the number of calories your body burns each day) and increase 500 calories, so this will help you lose about one pound per week. But nevertheless, make sure you always eat more than 1,200 calories each day and even more if you regularly work.

Before you find the appropriate calorie deficiency you will take several trials and error checks, then follow the calorie intake for two to three weeks, and if you do not see a change, reduce by five percent, and monitor calories by measuring your food and using an application like MyFitnessPal for accuracy is crucial.

2. Lift Weights 2 to 5 Times a Week

But you still have to practice, because the strength training is crucial and Sam says three to four sessions a week is a sweet spot for most people, so use a variety of equipment and do not be afraid to lift them up, it will not make you bulky, it will help you get lean and tone.

3. Move Your Body

Also increasing NEAT (a non-exercise thermogenesis) is the key to fat loss, and this means that if you work once a day, it should not be the only time you exercise, move your body during the day, no matter what whether he was going to a phone meeting, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, making a five-minute afternoon session, standing on the desk or bicycle to the store. Since the increase in NEAT will increase the speed of metabolism, burn more daily calories, helping you lose weight.

4. Eat Enough Protein

What’s also important is eating quite a lot of protheses because it aims to get 0.8 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to build lean muscles and recovery after exercise. Excellent for pure protein like fish, tofu, eggs or turkeys is that they will help you stay happier and stay hungry at the bay and they will also provide you with a lot of energy and burn more calories when boiled.

5. Track Your Steps

Another way to move more during the day, and therefore keep an order of 10,000 steps (or more!), аnd you can follow all this using something like FitBit or your phone.

6. Put on Your Patience Pants

Sam also says that you should not forget our patience and positivity, because life is crazy and things go longer than you want, so you may need a year or maybe even a decade to reach the desired weight. But you should not be frustrated when you have not seen the progress you want for six months, you need to have faith in your healthy lifestyle and not give up.

?Lose Fat Without Cardio? ⠀ ??Are you someone that hates cardio? ⠀ ?I used to think I needed to do mind-numbing amounts of cardio to lose fat. I used to strength train 4-5x week AND do 30-60 minutes of cardio 5-6x a week ? ⠀ ?I was not only beating my body into the ground and not giving it proper rest, but I was miserable. I still hated how I looked, I hated the treadmill (it should be renamed the DREADmill) but I genuinely thought that doing more and more cardio would change my body. ⠀ ??Fast forward five years… and the only cardio I do is the stuff I enjoy. Fun bike rides, an occasional run, dancing and some boxing! Now I strength train 4x a week, enjoy hobbies that get me moving and focus on just walking a lot! ⠀ ?Wanna Lose Fat without Cardio?! Here’s what you gotta prioritize (in order of importance): ⠀ ✅ Calorie Deficit: Eating less calories than your body needs is the only way to lose fat ✅ Eat Enough Protein: to maintain muscle mass when you’re dieting (so you get toned and don’t turn “skinny fat”)?and to recover from workouts ✅ Lift Weights: 2-5x a week! (3-4 is a sweet spot for most people) ✅ 10k steps / day! ✅ Move!! Finding active hobbies you enjoy will keep you consistent and make it a lot more fun. ✅ Patience and Positivity: cause life is crazy and things take a hell of a lot longer than you want them to. ⠀ ??‍♀️Now if you do enjoy cardio, then GO FOR IT! But if hanging out on a piece of cardio equipment leaves you bored and you just genuinely don’t enjoy it, don’t do it! Cardio is a tool, but diet is KEY! ⠀ ☝?Find what works for you, your lifestyle, habits, and preferences. Not what works for anyone else, but what works for YOU! Afterall, this is YOUR journey. Hope you have a kickass Wednesday! ???? ?salty ⠀ #liftingweights #exercisedaily #movemore #10000steps #caloriedeficit #caloriecounting #losefat #losingweight #weightloss #weightlosssupport #weightlosssupport #healthychanges #healthylifestyle #healthiswealth #protein #liftweights #strengthtraining #cardio #cardioworkout #hiit #hiitworkout #dietplan #dieting #fitnesstips #fitnessjourney #wednesdaywisdom #activeliving #strongmom #fatlossjourney #fattofit

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