The Super Sculpting Swimming Workout That Doesn’t Involve Laps

During this time of the year, the weather is too nice to be closed in the gym, while running in the heat is not the first choice, so we suggest you enter something new in your workout and that is the pool, and do not worry because we will not make you swim in endless circles.

So Speedo changes the way we think about the pool so far, and portrays it as a training tool by launching their new video footage, Speedo Fit, which is nearly 70 motion video clips that can be made at the pool to build strength and power, and that’s actually how to take your favorite HIIT exercise in a refreshing spot.

So why jump into the pool, because the water provides natural resistance, but less impact on the body from the same ground training, so says Erik Danenberg, EXOS Performance Manager, who worked with Speedo to develop this training below. That is, in your water, your movements may be slower due to water resistance, but speed is not necessary, but through certain moves, you can develop a cleaner coordination more slowly, which can actually help you to make the same moves better than on land.

What is also important is that it will have no effect on your joints and muscles during the training, because the water actually supports 90 percent of your body weight, and this also does not matter only if you are injured, because the workout for gravity is simple it allows your body to move in a different way, and it’s still good to use a little variety.

How it works:

You need to perform the first three POWER moves for 20 seconds/20 seconds off. Then repeat the circuit five times and then resting for 1 minute between each set. Then you need to perform the next four ENDURANCE moves for 20 seconds each, repeating 5 times.

Total Time: 23 minutes

So, you will need 3 pool noodles or another flotation device.
And if your body is sore, is good to get in the pool 2-3 days a week, but otherwise, try to add 1 day a week of pool training to your routine.

1. Internal-External Shoulder Rotation


You need to use Speedo Clutch Paddles if you have them or keeping hands cupped. Then you need to stand with feet hip-width apart, your knees should be bent so that your shoulders are just under the surface of the water and then bend elbows so arms. And your hands are parallel to the bottom of the pool and then keeping elbows at sides, sweep arms outward, then pull back inward, so that hands just cross over.

2. Micro Torso Rotation


You need to also use Speedo Clutch Paddles if you have them or keeping hands cupped and then stand with feet hip-width apart. And next your knees should be bent so that your shoulders are just under the surface of the water. Then you need to bend elbows so arms and hands are parallel to the bottom of the pool and press palms together, so to make it more difficult, overlap hands slightly to create more surface area. Then you need to squeeze hands together to engage your rotator cuff as you rotate your core quickly from left to right and then try not to move any other part of your lower body. This is a very good exercise because this move isolates your core muscles with your spine unloaded.

3. Split Squat Jump Scissor


First, you need to start with your left leg forward, both knees should be bent into a lunge position and arms straight out to the sides. Then you need to jump up as you drive your right knee up towards your chest and land in the starting position and repeat. Then switch legs. So, this exercise works your entire legs up into your hips and also if you want to make it harder by progressing from deeper to more shallow water.

4. Double Acceleration Wall Drills


First, you need to hold on to the side of the pool with shoulders just above the water and body at a slight angle to the wall and then to drive right knee upward. And then quickly switch, driving the left knee up and you need to take pause and then repeat. After that, you need to switch the leg that leads. So, this exercise gets your heart rate up while working on posture.

5. Shuffle to Lateral Lunge


First, you need to shuffle sideways in one direction for about 5-10 yards and then to pause with feet just wider than shoulder-width apart and feet pointing straight ahead. Then you need with one leg straight and one leg bent, sit hips back and down as you reach forward and then return to stand and repeat the opposite direction.

6. Treading Water with Mass


First, you need to use anything weighted. You can use a 5-10lb dumbbell, a gallon of water, or even just a towel. Then you need to hold the object overhead in one hand while you tread water in a scissoring motion.

7. Straight Leg Hip Swings


First, you need to stand upright while holding on to the side of the pool and then to lift one leg straight out to the side with toe pointing forward. Then swing it back inward, slightly crossing over the standing leg and you need to repeat quickly, keeping standing foot flat on the bottom of the pool. So, this exercise is good, because it will increase the range of motion on your hip.

8. Horizontal Recovery Float


First, you need to use 3 pool noodles, to support your neck, shoulders, and torso as you lay back and close your eyes. And this exercise not only helps your body to unwind but also helps you train your brain to relax.

Source: Female Fit Body

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