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Busy Girls Abs: 6 Core Tightening Exercises!

These exercises will not only help you reduce your waist, but also help you to keep your body properly. Without a doubt, the solid core is one of the most sought-after physical attributes of today. Probably so far you have learned a few tips from your trainers, but in order to emphasize your abdominal muscles, you need to be concentrated enough on the target, which means that you have a great discipline.

4-Minutes A Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than 4 Weeks


It may sound impossible that you can change your body in just a few minutes a day but if you are willing enough for the challenge you will be surprised at the results in just a month.

Top 5 Plank Exercises That Work More Than Just Your Abs!

So holding a plank can sometimes look like it lasts for an eternity because we feel the time is slowing down to a crawl, and it is actually a mind over the matter, that is, you, in contrast to your quivering of the abdominals. And you’re almost always caught looking at the stopwatch, believe it as everyone, but the benefits of good core training make us planking.

How Long You Should Hold a Plank Pose To Flatten The Belly

If you are looking for an efficient, short training to get in shape and save time, it’s time to stop looking, because all you have to do is hold a plank. In fact, a plank is a great exercise that can help you tone and strengthen your body, burn more fat and flatten your stomach.

28 – Day Planking Challenge: 1 Exercise, 4 Minutes – New Body

Today we show you how to tune your body in just 4 minutes and although it probably sounds too good to be true, it really works. Making a plank exercise every day will burn more calories than other traditional abdominal exercises, and it also tones your stomach, helps burn fat, promote good posture, increases flexibility and not just that.

Planks To Sculpt Your Core For Summer

Perhaps seemingly acting as a passive exercise, standing in place and wasting time, but a plank like an exercise offers brilliant results on the whole body and metabolism.


A fun and effective exercise program for all of you who want high and firm breasts.