These 7 Things Will Happen To You If You’re Doing Planks Every Day

It’s safe to say that planks are one of the most effective exercises out there, and those who’ve tried them know that they’re not as easy as they seem. However, if you practice them daily you will get used to them and you will see progress in a very short time.

Doing planks regularly can provide you with numerous benefits and many people are not even aware of it:

1. Improved flexibility
This exercise will strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, collarbone, feet, and toes, thereby significantly improving your flexibility.

2. Improve posture and balance
By toning the muscles in your shoulders, neck, chest, back, and belly, you will also improve your balance and body posture.

3. Improve coordination
The plank exercise will improve your abdominal muscles for coordination.

4. A strong core
It will strengthen the transversus abdominis and inner core muscles.

5. Reduced risk of spinal and back injuries
People who practice this exercise regularly are less likely to injure their lower back and spine.

6. Improved metabolism
It will speed up your metabolism causing more calories to be burned.

7. Improvement of the psychological state
This exercise will relax your muscles, relieve stress, improve your mood, and treat anxiety and depression.

Journalist Leah Wynalek finished a 3-week plank challenge and was blown away by the effectiveness of this simple exercise:

I was too confident. When I got them right, my pulse trembled and I desperately looked at the stopwatch on my phone when it hit zero. My abs got stronger. I didn’t realize it until the last week when my plank position was much easier than it was during the first week.

Though he couldn’t see the difference, he could feel it. I felt like all the tension built up from sitting at my desk was gone. I was amazed at the energy I felt after a short period of exercise.