21-Day Plank Challenge For Tight Belly

For those people who haven’t tried the plank yet, they will probably be skeptical of this method and the reason is that this exercise seems easy and simple. However, from the first moment you try it, you will discover that there is nothing easy in this exercise.

That’s why when you start this challenge, you’ll want to start with a light effort and then, over time, proceed to give an extra effort.

This exercise is perfect for the abdominal area, mainly the lower part. While you’re in the position that requires the exercise, your core muscles contract almost to the maximum, which will make you sweat more than doing 100 sit-ups.

Remember to keep your back straight at all times while doing this exercise.

For best results, do the exercise for the next 21 days and you will notice the changes.

Before telling you about the work plan, we are going to show you in a video how the iron should be done correctly.


First, you can start with half a minute time. Hold for 30 seconds and the next day increase the time. It keeps increasing daily.


The objective during the second week is to increase the time of the plank until reaching a minute and a half.


During the third week, you should increase the time until you reach two and a half minutes, don’t give up and try to reach it!

After the third week, you will be able to hold a plank position for more than a minute, and that will make your belly muscles very strong! But to increase strength, even more, try holding the plank for an extra minute.