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The Last Words Of A Girl That Died In A Car Accident, They Made Europe Cry

“I remember you told me not to drink at the party tonight, so I listened to you and drank juice. I know you told me it’s a sign of strong character, so I felt proud. My friends told me it’s okay to drink and drive, but I listened to you and not them. I know I made the right decision.

In Case Of Emergency, Remove Your Bra. This Is Not Silly, This Is Science!

Scientists discover new ways to help us every year. An Ukrainian scientist, dr. Elena Bodnar, created an, so called “emergency bra”. This bra is actually turned to a face mask in emergencies, and can be used to protect people from many different hazards, chemical explosions and attacks.

Don’t EVER Mix Milk With Redbull or Coke!!!

10 Amazing Things to Know About This Summer (Video)

Mexican Coke VS American Coke Taste Test (Video)

Beyonce’s Trainer Reveals The Secret To Her Perfect Figure

Fitness trainer Marco Borges, who is responsible for the perfect figure of Beyonce, says that she works on her figure daily.

Japanese Tricks For Solving Everyday Kitchen Mishaps

Japanese Tricks For Solving Everyday Kitchen Mishaps

The Japanese are real masters when something needs to be done quicker and better, so here are a few chances to be more resourceful and efficient every day.