6 Things Couples Who Are Truly in Love Do Every Day

“Love is a vessel that contains both security and adventure, and commitment offers one of the great luxuries of life: time. Marriage is not the end of the romance; it is the begging.”

There are many couples together for a long time and they are not sure if they are still in love with heir partner. Well, psychology study shows that there are several things couples do when there are in love. Sometimes they are not even aware. Do you know that feeling when you really appreciate somebody when they leave? Well in today’s article we will help you decide if that person like that.

1. Have special rituals and habits

When you’re with someone constantly, usually you develop some kind of bond and have some common ritual or habit that makes that person special.

2. Have the same wishes and dreams

People who love each other have plans for their future. If your partner doesn’t share his/her dreams, or you are excluded from them, then you should ask your self is that person for you.

3. Discuss their feelings

Feelings are exposed to be told to the closest ones. So if you share your feelings with your partner you are definitely on the right path.

4. Have Fun Together

If you don’t have fun with your partner then what’s the point of been together. We know that not every day is rainbow and sunshine, however, some couples lose their sense of excitement.

5. Make love every day

Studies show that couples who make love every day are more likely to stats together. Like it or not physical attraction matters.

6. Plan their future

If you make plans for your future, for example, your first home together, kids, etc. Then you definitely are staying together.

Source: Go Fit Stay Fit

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