People Who Swear A Lot Are The Most Honest Friends, According To Psychologists

Like it or not people simply have a habit of swearing. Even though we all know is certainly not the best habit to adopt, studies show some interesting facts about such people.

K. Joy and T. Jay are psychologists who disagree with the opinion that people who swear a lot do not know enough words to express themselves. They believe that people who use such words are more fluent in neutral, mundane words.

In another recent study, researchers found that people who swear are a lot more likely, to be honest. This research was conducted with help of numerous statuses on the social network Facebook.

The results ware clear, and they indicated that people who use swear words are more genuine and honest.

In criminal cases, people who swear are usually innocent and the one who is guilty deny accusations.

So if next time you recently say the F-word, simply explain to your friends that you’re being honest and smart. That what’s science says.

When we use such words we need to be careful. Even though sometimes it can be funny, when repeated and misused it can be uncomfortable for the people surrounding us.

Keep in mind that people who swear in your presence are feeling comfortable being with you.

Watch the video below to find more interesting facts on this topic.

Source: Gotta Do The Right Thing

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