Top 3 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home (Results Guaranteed)

White teeth are something that everybody wants. For that perfect smile, Americans spend over $1.4 billion dollars in over-the-counter whitening products. All of that for products that are full of chemicals and can cause damage to the teeth.

In today’s article, we will prove that you can whiten your teeth naturally and you will spend little to no money.

Why do teeth get yellow?

To solve this problem, first, you need to find out what causes yellow teeth and how to avoid it. There are several factors like:

– Not maintaining an oral hygiene
– Food and drinks we consume
– Smoking
– Genetics

A tooth is made up of 4 tissues-enamel which is the strong white covering that protects the tooth. With time the enamel is stained by some of the factors that we mentioned before.

1. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice Paste

Baking Soda or Sodium bicarbonate s mildly abrasive not only will whiten your teeth but also will alkalize your mouth. So if you eat a lot of acidic food, baking soda will be of great help. It balances the pH value and prevents enamel break down by the acidic components in the mouth.

Furthermore is a very good combination with lemon juice because it reduces the acidity.


– 2 tbsp of baking soda

– Half a lemon

Preparation Method:

Place 2 tbsp of baking soda in a small bowl and then squeeze half a lemon inside.

Add the mixture to your teeth using a toothbrush and the wash them for no more than a minute.

Because of the lemon juice, it is not recommended to practice this method more than 2 times a week and no more than one minute. The rest of the days you can mix the baking soda with water.

2. Strawberry, Baking Soda, and Salt Scrub

The salt act as a natural abrasive and if efficiently cleans and polishes the teeth. On the other hand, Strawberries are abundant in Vitamin C which is very effective against plaque.


– 2 large strawberries

– A pinch of sea salt

– 2 tbsp of baking soda

Preparation Method:

First mash up the berries into a pulp, then add the baking soda and the pinch of salt.
Apply the mixture on your teeth by using your toothbrush and leave it for 5 minutes. After that just simply wash your mouth.

3. Coconut Oil Rinse

This method is also known as “oil pulling” and is a unique traditional remedy that is extremely effective. The lauric acid that is found in the coconut oil destroys the bacteria and plaque that actually cause the teeth to turn yellow.

It also keeps your breath fresh for a long time and promotes the gum health.

– You will only need 1 tbsp of organic coconut oil.


In the morning before washing your teeth just scoop one tbsp of coconut oil and apply it on your teeth. Leave the oil in your mouth for 10 minutes and then spit it out.

After that, you can wash your teeth regularly.


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