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30-Day Ab Challenge: One Month To Flatter Abs (Videos)


The famous Tone House trainer Lauren Williams take you through a core-blasting series that not only nails each of your abdominal muscle groups, it works your core endurance, too.

How To Get Rid Of Hip/Thigh And belly Fat Very Fast At Home! (Video)

If you suffer from excess fat in the hips and the thigh area there are certain things that you should implement in your daily lifestyle.

Drink This On An Empty Stomach For a Week! The Results Will Surprise You!

It may seem like a real miracle to succeed in just 5 days to lose 3 kilograms of weight, but if you consider all the advantages and incredible benefits of lemon and parsley and when they merge, the magic drink seems logical and true.

8 Simple Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Reducing fatty deposits may seem like a difficult task, but there are ways that make this process simpler and more efficient. People often want to know how they can lower fat and tonic the body.

10 Abs Exercises That Will Kill Your Belly Fat Faster Than Anything Else

Exercising regularly is an key element to lose weight and get into shape. Apart from having a well balanced diet you should definitely find some time for yourself and build that body that you’ve always wanted.

9 Abdominal Exercises To Build Muscle And Shape Up The 6-Pack

9 Abdominal Exercises To Build Muscle And Shape Up The 6-Pack

Shaping your abdominal area is certainly not an easy task if it was everybody could’ve had them. In order to achieve great results diet and exercising are the essentials.

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Back Fat Fast For Women

While most of the workouts concentrate on tightening and toning the stomach, arms, butt and legs, the back is one of the ignored and difficult trouble spots where the fat gets deposited and forms a flabby layer over the muscles resulting in embarrassing bra bulge and muffin tops.