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These 5 Ab Exercises Are Better Than Crunches

There is no doubt that sit-ups and crunches are beneficial, however apart from being pretty difficult to do many people have back and neck pain after doing them.

The Best Ab Exercises for Women: 5 Moves for a Flat Tummy

The Best Ab Exercises for Women: 5 Moves for a Flat Tummy

Do you want a well-defined six-pack and nice and fit body? Well, when it comes to this question there no easy way around. Exercising is a must and performing the right exercise is one of the most important things in the process.

4-Week Ab Workout Program to Get Rid of Belly Fat For Good

4-week ab workout programme to get rid of belly fat for good

The abdominal fat is the hardest part to get into shape. It requires a lot of effort and a discipline.

5 Min Home Ab Workout – 3 Body Weight Ab Exercises (Video)


Trying out new exercises and activating different muscle groups is essential when it comes to tone your abs. The belly fat is usually the hardest fat to be removed so if you want to get into the perfect shape you should definitely try these workout techniques.

Killer Ab Workout at Home

To have the solid and beautiful stomach, you have to get a little off. Initially, you will need to get rid of excess fat on the stomach (cardio training) and build your abdominal muscles (strength training) to have visible and defined abdominal muscles. You must combine these two things if you want to get the results you want.

30 – Day AB Challenge

Shape your body with these simple exercises. For a handsome body without excess pounds and stomach fat, discipline is needed – healthy food in the bowl and regular exercise. Under regular exercise, we do not mean going to the gym every day, but physical activity three to four times a week.

10 Min Intense Ab Workout // No Equipment (Video)


When it comes to tone your body especially your abs, it is necessary to work out and burn out the extra fat. However many people have a misconception of how the exercising process goes.