High Uric Acid Causes, Symptoms, Remedies

High Uric Acid levels known as hyperuricemia is a common issue nowadays. Caused by food and breakdown of cells, it is filtered by the kidneys and released through urine. Uric acid can also develop crystals inside the joints, the condition is known as gout.

So what causes gout?

The main reason is the inability of the kidneys to get rid of the acid gathered in the organism. However, a bigger reason, of course, is not eating healthy, eating food that acids, being obese, drinking alcohol etc. Other factors that are to blame for the increase of acid levels are genetics, hypothyroidism, niacin, psoriasis, tumor- lysis syndrome ( fast release of blood cells as a result of chemotherapy treatment or cancer).

The first signs of gout are tenderness, swelling, pain in joints, and a serious pain that can go from the range of a day to a few weeks period.

Home remedies

There are a few products that you have in your home at this moment probably, that can ease the effects of gout.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon juice

In fact, ACV provides a complete detox of your body not just in the fight against uric acid. Its content of malic acid is responsible for keeping the acid balance in your organism, it gets rid of the uric acid and due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it keeps your body safe and well.

All you have to do is add so Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water and drink the mixture two times a day. Make sure to drink it just until your acid levels are lower, because over- consuming can lead to discomforts due to the levels of potassium which can interfere with the function of the diuretic agents.

On the other hand, lemon juice an alkaline, filled with Vitamin C, responsible for destroying uric acid in your body. Squeeze some lemon juice in water and drink the mixture while hungry. See the results in no time.

Avoid purine – rich products

Yet another way to get rid of uric acid is avoiding purine-rich foods like organic meat, sardines, bacon, asparagus or anchovies as they are able to form uric acid in your body. This can lead to forming of gout which is very painful for your joints. In case of gout, make sure you receive the proper medical care, planning, assessment, education, and implementation.

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