How To Make Your Own Healthy Apple Vinegar

Wash the apples well, remove the stalks and grind them together with the seeds using a meat grinder. If the apples aren’t juicy enough, add ¼ liters of boiling water to every 10kg.

Add 100gr of sugar to this amount. Mix well, cover the pot and leave it in the sun or in a warm place.

Stir occasionally. Fermentation last from 25-30 days and a little bit less in sunlight. After the completion of fermentation carefully juice the mixture with gauze and put the resulting vinegar liquid into bottles.

How To Make Your Own Healthy Apple Vinegar.

If you have done the procedure well the vinegar should be a light yellow color. If you do not want there to be any sediment, first drain with a strainer and then drain again with gauze.

The shelf life of apple cider vinegar is unlimited. If during storage sediment appears drain the mixture.

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