These 5 Things You Should Never Do After Eating! (Especially No.4 Is Really Dangerous For Your Health)

We are aware that many of us have some wrong habits after we are finished with our meal. For some of them we are not even aware and they can be really dangerous for our health. We give you some examples of what you shouldn’t be doing after you eat.

1. Smoke

The need for a cigarette after eating is huge but smoking right after a meal is a bad idea so it is advisable for you to wait for at least two hours after you ate. As studies have shown if you smoke only one cigarette after a meal you make the same effect as smoking 10 cigarettes at once so your risk of lung cancer is much greater.

2. Eating fruit

Simply do it before eating not after. Fruits need special kind of enzymes to digest and the sugars need more time to be absorbed. Therefore if you eat fruits after a meal you risk getting indigestion, burping or heartburn. So always remember to eat fruits before meals because it is much more beneficial for you.

3. Sleep

You risk getting bloated, discomfort or even insomnia. If you wait long enough after you are finished eating to go to sleep, you are also protecting yourself from getting a stroke. So always remember to eat at least three hours before sleeping.

4. Shower

One important fact – while we shower we increase the blood flow to every part of the body except the stomach. So it is advisable not to shower right after a meal as you risk having indigestion and stomach issues.

5. Drink tea

Tea is filled with tannic acid which binds with iron and stops proper digestion from occurring. So try to avoid drinking tea right after a meal. Tea is of course healthy, but try to consume it before a meal or a few hours after.

There you have it. We know it is probably difficult to stop doing some of these things right after eating, but you need to think about yourself and at least try not to endure any of these activities.

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Source: Woman Daily Tips | Healthy Cures | Healthy Life Tricks

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