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An 8-Week Workout Plan to Reduce Body Fat

8 weeks might seem as not a very long time but if you are willing to do some changes in your life you can achieve great results. Moreover, after 8 weeks time, you will develop a positive habit that you’ll find useful in the future.

10 Exercises That Will Get Rid of Hip Dips

If you don’t know what hip dips are, they are the inward curves just below your hip bones on each side of your body. For some people, they are more pronounced and noticeable than others.

This 45-Minute HIIT Workout Will Help Shrink Your Belly

John Kersbergen is a famous fitness instructor who is the creator of this 45-minute HIIT workout which focuses on losing weight in a short amount of time and also toning your muscles.

An Efficient Lower Body Workout Set for Tight and Lean Legs & Butt

When we are exercising we are sculpting our body and depending on the consistency we all can achieve great results. The main reason why people give up is that they don’t wait long enough to see the results.

7-Day Build-A-Booty Workout Challenge (videos)

Having the perfect butt is not an impossible mission, moreover, you can achieve great results in a very short time if you practice the right exercises and be consistent. Seven days might sound like a short period but it can be enough to give you the first signs of the new booty.

30-Day Workout Plan To Get Rid Of The Lower Belly Fat

The abdominal fat is the hardest to be removed. To get this area in shape you need to be consistent in your workout routines and also watch your diet. Moreover, it is important to choose exercises that are effective and not just waste your time and energy.

4 Crazy ABS Workout for Women


Many fitness instructors complicate the process when it comes to making the perfect abs. In truth, you don’t need a lot of variations of exercises.