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7 Things That Will Happen When if You Start doing Planks Every Day

It can be said with confidence that the planks are one of the most effective exercises out there and the ones who already tried them know that they aren’t so easy as they look. However, if you practice them on a daily basis you will get used to it and you will see the progress in a very short period of time.

6 – Week Workout Plan for Women After 40 That Can Help Build Up Muscles Effectively

Unfortunately, modern technological advances have led to the fact that the overall health of all people has deteriorated significantly. However, at the same time, there is an increasing interest in sports, as an instrument that helps to improve well-being, develop strength and endurance, to achieve a harmonious state of mind and body.

5 Planks to Sculpt Your Core for Summer

Plank is a great exercise for the whole body that can really save you a lot of time. You can do it anywhere without any equipment. This exercise is great because it activates the muscles of the entire body, with a special emphasis on the muscles of the stomach, back and hands.

15 Minute Flab to Flat Belly Workout Challenge

15 Minute Flab to Flat Belly Workout Challenge

The abdominal fat is the hardest to be removed and also is the most important as it connects the upper and lower part of the body. Each move we make we engage the core muscles.

7 Things That Happen When You Do Planks Every Day

One of the most popular and effective exercises is the plank. It is a great way to strengthening the core, toning the entire body, and boosting endurance and body stability.

4 Minutes, 28 Days – A New Body!

This program will transform your body and get you in a shape that you always dreamed of. However, it might look easy, but is far from that. Consistency and determination are required.