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4 Herbs That Protect Your Brain From Depression, Anxiety and More

Nowadays we live in a world where conditions such as depression and anxiety are very common. The modern lives that we live can be extremely stressful and it can affect our brain’s performance.

Here Is How to Grow New Brain Cells and Improve Your Brain Health, Regardless of Your Age!

Sandrine Thuret is one of the worlds leading neuroscientist. She offers research as well as practical advice on how to support neurogenesis, reduce your possibility of age-related decline, enhance your mood and memory formation.

Eat 2 Eggs Every Day And You’ll Obtain These 9 Benefits! Number 3 Is Really Surprising!

Are eggs good for our health? Many doctors are suggesting that due to high cholesterol levels they have a negative impact on our health. However, this is a common misconception which has been blown out of proportion.

The Side Effects Of Soft Drinks On Your Brain

The Side Effects Of Soft Drinks On Your Brain

Researchers from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, found that long-term consumption of soft drinks can lead to hyperactivity and changes in hundreds of proteins in the brain.