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6 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan


While you’re on this program it is important to avoid any junk foods, sodas or alcohol. Try to avoid eating in the late hours, especially heavy meals, before bed.

Strengthen Your Core with this 28-Day Planking Challenge (in Just a Few Minutes a Day)

Strengthen Your Core with this 28-Day Planking Challenge (in Just a Few Minutes a Day)

The term “core strength” in fact refers to the strength of deep muscle groups in the back, abdomen, and glutes. These three muscle groups are vital for supporting the spine and maintain balance.

The 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge

If you are ready to lose weight then this challenge is perfect opportunity for you. This 28 days challenge has helped many people around the world and now is time for you to take advantage of this amazing program.

28 – Day Workout Plan for a Smaller Waist & Flat Tummy

To achieve great results and have a perfect midsection you don’t need a miracle. Actually, the process is very simple and there are two things you need to focus.

Tighten Your Core With This 28 Day Plank Challenge (Just a Few Minutes a Day)

In today’s article, we present to you one of those challenges that can change your life. We are not talking about anything complicated, but doing a simple plank exercise every day.

This 28-Day Planking Challenge Can Help Tone Up And Tighten Your Tummy

The abdominal part of the body is the hardest to get into shape. To achieve great results it is important to plan and consume a clean diet. Vegetables and fruits play a great part in balancing the weight, also the consumption of water plays a vital part. Keeping your body hydrated is essential for all the body functions and also for the muscle recovery.