6 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan

While you’re on this program it is important to avoid any junk foods, sodas or alcohol. Try to avoid eating in the late hours, especially heavy meals, before bed.

This program is made for people who don’t have the time or don’t want to spend any money for a gym or some expensive programs. The program is not complicated but is very effective.

Another important thing is that you have to keep your self-hydrated. If you want to improve your figure this is essential in the process, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water.


This program will help you lose weight and on the other hand, you will gain some serious muscles. If you’re a beginner, the duration of the workout should be 30 minutes. If you have some experience of exercising then 45-60 minutes is a perfect time.


5 Push-ups
25 Crunches
40 Sit-ups
15 Lunges
20 Squats
10 Butt Kicks
30 Second Plank
35 Jumping Jacks


10 Push-ups
40 Squats
15 Butt Kicks
30 Lunges
20 Sit Ups
25 Crunches
35 Second Plank
5 Jumping Jacks


15 Push-ups
20 Squats
40 seconds plank
25 Crunches
35 Jumping Jacks
5 Sit Ups
10 Lunges 30 Butt Kick


10 Push-ups
30 Jumping jacks
20 Crunches
25 Squats
15 Butt Kicks
10 Lunges
35 Sit-ups
40 seconds Plank


5 Push-ups
40 Crunches
25 Jumping Jacks
15 Seconds Plank
30 Sit-ups
10 Lunges
20 Butt Kicks
35 Squats

The Fat Decimator System
During the weekend you should rest!

Weekly plan for a cardio workout:

30 -seconds sprint, 30 -seconds jog (5x)
35- seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog (6x)
45-seconds sprint, 60-seconds jog (7x)
50-seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog (8x)
55-seconds sprint, 30-seconds jog (7x)
60-seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog (6x)

Source: Train Hard Team

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