7 Exercises In 7 Minutes For Instant Lower Back Pain Relief

Many people are experiencing back pains nowadays and the task of finding right positions and routines to ease the pain is definitely not a simple one.

Today we give you a routine consisting of 7 exercises that can be done In 7 minutes and is able to stretch every spot on you back as it is a well -planned system.


1.Floor Hamstrings

Lie on the floor with your legs bent and your feet on it. Put one leg in the ear and reach out for your hamstring with both hands in order to make the perfect stretch. Hold the position for about half a minute and switch legs.

2.Knees to chest

Lying on your back hold each knee to your chest one by one for half a minute. You should feel your lower back and glutes stretching like crazy. Don’t worry if you notice that you are not flexible, you can do variations of this exercise as long as you feel properly stretched.

3.Piriformis stretch

This is similar to the previous one but you do this one with your opposite leg crossed over. You need to cross one leg over the other so your ankle is next to your knee, and pull your knee toward your head for half a minute. Then switch legs.

4.Spinal stretch

Your shoulders are flat on the floor and one of your legs is over the other as you try to lower your knee toward the floor. You can also your opposite hand on top of your knee and gently stretch it further for 30 seconds. Switch legs right after.

5. Lying Down Quadriceps

It can be done standing up, but lying down gives you better results. All you have to do is lie on your side, grab one leg on the area just below the ankle, and slowly pull it toward your butt for half a minute. Switch legs. Did you feel the awesome stretch in your quads?

6. Hip Flexors

Go down on one knee, put your hands just above your knee and slowly stretch forward for half a minute. Switch to the other leg.

You should feel your hips and legs stretched, as long as you remember to keep your back straight.

7. Total Back stretch

Stand up and find a table or counter as high as your waist to hold onto. Lean forward and feel the stretch through your entire back. Hold for half a minute, rest, and then repeat for another half a minute.
Make sure you consult a doctor before you decide to do this routine!

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