These Are The Heart Attacks Signs In Women – Pay Close Attention To Them Girls!

Today we tell you a story about a girl from America, Sue Palmer who woke up one morning and started vomiting, so she thought this to be a severe case of food poisoning. She thought that the best solution is to lay down again and get some sleep but her husband insisted to take her to a doctor. Luckily she took his advice and she is still alive today.

Sue’s husband says: “If she went back to mattress like she planned to that morning, she wouldn’t have woken up.”
As she remembers, she made jokes about her condition inside the ER, but when they told her that she had suffered a heart attack, she felt really silly. Even though the first electrocardiogram didn’t display something uncommon, the doctors found out that Sue needs to undergo immediate surgery.

Right after she woke up from the anesthesia, they told her that she had suffered a heart attack. Fortunately, the heart attack was obtained when she was already in the hospital because her coronary artery became blocked through 10%, while her middle was blocked by 70%.

Without this surgery, Sue would most definitely have died at home.

We should say that that the symptoms of heart attack are different for women, they are generally moderate, and from time to time there aren’t any type of signs shown before it strikes.

As the statistics imply, the main cause of death of women is myocardial infarction and almost 2 in 3 women die from a sudden heart attack.

The worst part is that no signs are shown at all. Matter of fact, the main symptom of heart attack is chest pain as well as pain down the arm, but not a big number women experience these symptoms.

If you want to prevent heart attack, it is important to recognize the signs.

As specialists say, one of the main symptoms is a pain in the jaw or a toothache.

Another important sign is soreness within the chest, so pay close attention to these signs.

Many other signs which indicate a heart attack can be recognized for example vomiting, dizziness, nausea, indigestion and other digestive issues.

Call 911 the moment you start experiencing some of the symptoms we have mentioned above so you can save your life.

The doctors should do an electrocardiogram because the heart attack can happen suddenly. In both men and women, regardless of age.

In order to prevent a heart attack from occurring in the first place, don’t smoke cigarettes and eat unhealthy food. Be careful of the symptoms your body is showing you in order to react on time and keep your life.

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