A relaxing yoga workout to gently stretch the whole body

You’ve probably wondered how every yoga instructor you meet in the morning has more energy than anyone else, and yes, caffeine can play a role, but that’s not the only explanation.

It is believed that the real secret of their energy is yoga.

Yoga and yoga poses are useful because they give a harmonious balance to your system. Moreover, complete well-being is not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind and spirit. Yoga works on all these aspects.

You may not believe it, but yoga is an amazing way to fill your body with energy, relax your body, strengthen your flexibility and help you find balance, so in this article, we would like to show you a relaxing workout for yoga to gently stretch the whole body.

It is this training that is good for beginners and can really transform your body, and the key to success is to focus on your body while performing positions. Are you interested?

These are simple exercises and relaxing training. All you need to get started with this yoga routine is a yoga mat. Then scroll down to see how to perform these positions correctly, to get noticeable results in no time. Let’s get started!

So, here’s how to do this gentle and relaxing yoga workout:

1. Repeat pelvic lifts for ten breaths.

2. Repeat cat stretch for four to six breaths, moving slowly between each pose.

3. Hold a child’s pose for ten breaths.

4. Hold a thread the needle pose for three breaths.

5. Repeat cobra stretches five times.

6. Hold the bridge for three breaths.

7. Do backstretch three times in each side.

8. Stay in the corpse pose for five minutes.

Source: Better me