Windshield Wiper Exercise For Your Abs & Obliques

We will show you an exercise that is very effective for your abs and obliques.

This exercise combines an oblique twist with a dangling simulated toe-touch and this total-body core move is extremely difficult. That’s because combines strength and control within the core, alongside grip strength.

To do this exercise correctly, you need to be strong enough to bring your legs up to the bar and isometrically contract to hold yourself up.

Then you need to rotate when twisting the legs to each side. But the most difficult part is to resist the rotation, and that’s stopping your legs from falling to every side after the twist.

If performed this exercise correctly, your upper body is going to be tucked up while you progress your legs sort of a windscreen wiper.

How To Do It:

You need to hang from a bar, pulling down with your lats and engaging your shoulders.

Then you need to squeeze your anterior core to bring your toes up toward the bar and maintain control from your obliques and move your legs side-to-side, trying to keep them together.

If you are not that flexible or haven’t performed this in a while, you can lower your legs to one side as far as you can without twisting your hips or losing your grip.

If you want to maintain a strong core, do these at the end of your workout with good form.

It’s Too Difficult?

If it is too difficult for you, then try lying on the ground, which retains the isometric hold in your core, but removes the grip strength component.