You Will Never See a Single Cockroach Again! In Every Corner of Your House Place A Few Leaves Of This Plant

Cockroaches are insects that are very problematic to get rid off if they find a way to your home. Since they are extremely adaptable to the most extreme environments they had been around for millions of years.

The reason why you need to get rid of them fast is that they can carry various diseases. There are over 4,000 living species of these insects and about seventy of them are found in the U.S.

Products that are sold in the stores can be inefficient and also toxic. Therefore, if you have a pet or small children this can be a huge problem.

That is why the best way to get rid of them naturally and fast is by using this simple homemade mixture.

Apparently, bay leaves are an excellent way to get rid of cockroaches in the house.

what you need to do is distribute bay leaves around the home, especially in areas where are they most likely to appear, such as the bathroom, kitchen cabinets etc.

For more vivid results you can burn the leaves so they can release a strong smell.

The bitter plant is often used for its fragrance in cooking, but, bugs hate the scent. You can use bay leaves to repel flies, moths, mice, earwigs and roaches. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have fresh bay leaf plants, you can use dried bay leaves to get the same results!

Source: The Healthy Food House

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