What We Shouldn’t Do After Eating?

Although we have our little rituals, some things that we do after a meal every day, can be counterproductive. If you want to take care of your health and line, listen to the advice of experts who compiled a list of activities that you shouldn’t do after eating.

Sleeping: The position of lying down is never natural and isn’t good for our digestion because gastric juices in the stomach can’t perform their job correctly. Over time this habit can create problems with the stomach.

Swimming: Our parents were right when they banned us from getting in the water after eating while we were on vacation, and experts warn that the same goes for showering. Namely, the water increases blood circulation throughout the body and after a meal blood enters the stomach where digestion occurs, not the limbs, so both things can be stressful for the organism.

Eating fruit: Some say that fruit is like dessert, but after a meal it lingers too long in the stomach and begins to release gases or toxins that are responsible for the creation of cellulite. So, eat fruit on an empty stomach, at least two hours before or after a meal.

Loosening the belt: Almost all of us have this habit but it can lead to entanglement of the intestines and can slow down digestion. But, there is another reason to stop doing this – after loosening your belt, you eat more food!

Drinking tea: Even though this habit is applied by most people, it isn’t good at all. Tein – as the main ingredient in tea, it binds with iron and makes digestion difficult, which can be bad for anemic people who should drink it at least one hour before eating.

Smoking: Which smoker hasn’t lit a cigarette after a good meal? This is a big mistake! One cigarette after a meal has the effect of ten cigarettes. The digestive system works on the entire body and the oxygen in the blood binds to the nicotine, which is then absorbed much easier.

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