What Should You Actually Eat For Dinner

Anyone who has ever been on a diet to lose those extra kilos, knows that dinner, respectively the amount of food that is consumed in the organism late at night is very important. If you eat late at night it is bad because the body fails to process all of the food while you are awake and active.

If you dine and go to sleep straight away, the unprocessed food will largely remain as such until the morning. People who eat in irregular intervals, especially those who eat late in the night when they should be sleeping, gain extra weight as well as the deposition of fat. If your lifestyle doesn’t leave you much choice so you have to eat late at night, here are some tips:

What Should You Actually Eat For Dinner 2

Eat green:

Broccoli, spinach, zucchini and red chili peppers have antioxidant effects and it is recommended they be consumed in the evening hours. Not only are they healthy but they also slow down the aging process, prevent heart disease, blood clots etc.

What Should You Actually Eat For Dinner 1

Dinner suggestions:

• Barbecued fish – salmon, tuna or mackerel
• Seasonal vegetables – natural, cooked
• Mixed vegetables – peas, garlic, peppers mixed with chicken fingers and boiled egg whites
• Soup or stew
• Fruit – fresh fruit salad but no icing or chocolate topping

What Should You Actually Eat For Dinner

Keep in mind that fasting is not a solution, the more you starve the more your body will store fat reserved for the next time you consume food. Besides that the sudden drop in blood sugar can lead to weakness and a drop in pressure.

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