Watermelon Diet – 4kg In 5 Days

Have you decided to try the watermelon diet? This means that you need to eat watermelon all the time, during the day as well as the night. The diet lasts for 5 days which is more than enough to rid your body of toxins, excess water, salt, kilograms and even problems that you may be having.

Watermelon Diet – 4kg In 5 Days...

You will need to eat watermelon day and night if you want to lose weight. One kilogram of watermelon for every 10 kilograms of your body weight, which means if you are 60kg you will need to eat 6kg of watermelon daily and if you water 85kg, you will need to eat 8.5kg in 24 hours.


You need to organize your meals to suit you. Other than watermelon you can also eat: a piece of chicken or fish (baked) for lunch, one glass of buttermilk for dinner and 2 boiled eggs for breakfast.

Watermelon Diet – 4kg In 5 Days.

You can also add fresh seasonal salads if needed. Watermelon contains only 28 calories in 100gr.

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