Warning: Beware Of Plastic Containers And Bottles – They Cause Cancer

During her guest appearance on The Ellen Show, Sheryl Crow talked about her battle with breast cancer and presented the audience with unbelievable facts that will leave you speechless.

1. NEVER drink bottled water that has been left in the car. When a plastic bottle is in a closed car, the plastic releases dioxin, a toxin which in large quantities is found in tissues affected by cancer. Next time when you forget your plastic water bottle in the car, throw it away immediately.

2. If you can, get rid of all the plastic in the kitchen. Don’t use plastic containers for eating as well as plastic drinking glasses. Use ceramic or glass utensils, as well as stainless steel.

3. Never use plastic containers in the microwave.

4. Never store plastic bottles in the fridge. If you still decide to use plastic, when buying plastic containers or bottles, make sure the label on them says they are BPA Free!

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