This Type Of Milk Heals IBS, Crohn’s, Leaky Gut, Allergies, Eczema, Arthritis and Asthma

The fact is that dairy product is hard for the human body to digest and for some people, the cow’s milk can even trigger inflammatory problems more than gluten.

Many people are not aware that the pasteurized cows milk can have huge negative effects on their health.
In comparison with goats milk, this alternative is far better. The goat milk is usually consumed for the robust nutritional profile.

One glass of goat’s milk contains:

Calories: 168
Sodium: 12 milligrams / 5 % DV
Cholesterol: 27 milligrams / 9 % DV
Sugars: 11 grams
Protein: 10.9 grams /4 % DV
Saturated Fat: 6.5 grams / 33 % DV*
Carbohydrates: 11 grams / 4 % DV


 B2 (Riboflavin): 0.3 milligrams / 20 % DV
 C: 3.2 milligrams / 5 % DV
 A: 483 IU / 10 % DV
 D: 29.3 IU / 7 % DV


Potassium: 498 milligrams / 14 percent DV
Magnesium: 34.2 milligrams / 9 percent DV
Phosphorous: 271 milligrams / 27 percent DV
Zinc: 0.7 milligrams / 5 percent DV
Calcium: 327 milligrams / 33 percent DV
Copper: 0.1 milligrams / 6 percent DV

Health Benefits of Goat’s Milk

1. Reduces Inflammation

Unlike the cow’s milk, the milk from the goats can reduce inflammation, which is often a cause for many aches and diseases.

people who are intolerant to cow`s milk can consume goat`s milk without any problem. The reason for that is because the cow’s milk contains over twenty allergens. Most of them are inflammatory and contribute to IBS, leaky gut, ulcerative colitis, Crohn`s disease and allergies.

2. Supports A Healthy Digestive And Immune System

Scientist finds out that the goat’s milk contains strong anti-inflammatory compounds which act as prebiotics which can provide many benefits, such as:

– Improving insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism
– improving and strengthening the immune system
– promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria
– preventing inflammation-causing bacteria from staying in the stomach
– naturally lowering “bad” cholesterol and increasing “good” cholesterol levels
– lowering triglycerides

3. Cancer

When a fresh milk is left over night it naturally separates due to a compound called agglutinin.
When the milk is produced the manufacturers process the milk (homogenization) which prevent the separation. The process is made by forcing the fat globule cell walls of cow’s milk through tiny holes under high pressure.
Due to this process free radicals are released called xanthine oxidase which can cause many health issues, such as DNA mutations which can lead to cancer.

The goat milk is agglutinin free so there is no need for homogenization. Therefore this milk is much safer to be consumed.

4. Bio-Availability And Higher Nutrient Absorption

Cow`s milk is mucus-causing, but goat`s milk, on the other hand, is an anti-inflammatory and able to reverse this condition. However, this doesn’t mean that goat`s milk should be the sole source of baby`s food as it doesn’t contain folate and B12.

5. Alkaline-Forming

Goat milk has huge amounts of potassium which helps the body maintain the alkaline pH level. It also has antacid properties which can be of great help in cases of acid reflux and similar digestive issues.
Where To Get Goat’s Milk?

It is best to consume fresh goats milk, in case you can’t find any then you can use goat`s milk powder. Two brands that guarantee quality is Mt. Capra and Meyenberg.

Source: Juicing For Health

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