Try 17-Day Diet To Lose Up To 8 Pounds

Dr. Mike Moreno created this diet in order to help those who want to take drop pounds in a quicker way. Dr. Moreno’s idea was to help people who increase their weight during holidays. Diet implies the intake of various foods for a period of 17 days, with a guarantee of losing weight of 7-8 pounds. It is about manipulation of carbohydrates, the amount of which in those 17 days will vary from insufficient to more than enough. Thus, the metabolism “confuses” and kills pounds more quickly.

This diet is divided into three cycles of 17 days. In the first phase, they are losing 4-6 pounds. But this number is not taken from anywhere, because Moreno is convinced that our body is accustomed to any food and restrictions in just 17 days, and because of this, the metabolism and the loss of excess pounds are slow, but after another 17- daily phase in the diet, you need to change something.

-In the first cycle (acceleration) about 1,200 calories per day are consumed, sugar intake decreases, and the main focus is on improving digestion. At this stage, they are losing from 4 to 6 pounds, although they mainly consist of excess water in the body.

What you can eat: lean meat, light sour dairy products, fruit (except bananas) and vegetables (except potatoes), drink green or herbal tea.

-The second cycle (activation) is a combination of implementing a diet plan with a limited calorie intake. This combination contributes to accelerating metabolism and faster fat burning. At this stage, about 2.5 pounds are lost.

What you can eat: 1 tbsp. of vegetable oil or mayonnaise, 170 grams of low-fat meat and a medium portion of tuna salad.

-The third cycle (achieving the goal) helps to adopt healthy eating habits and losing one more pound.

What can you eat: the food system of the third cycle is similar to the 2nd cycle of the diet and only protein foods are limited. You can have a glass of wine with a light snack in the form of cheese, fruit, and even a piece of chocolate.

Finally, it comes to the goal, which is actually to continue after the diet. During the week, eat healthy foods to maintain your ideal weight, and on weekends you are allowed to get used to your favorite foods (but of course, you do not have to exaggerate!).


Exercise is a key part of this diet. During the first and second cycles, you need about 17 minutes a day to do some simple exercises, such as walking. During the third cycle, cardio exercises should last for 40-60 minutes, several times a week. On weekends it is enough to exercise or to move around for about an hour.


Diet does not include a strict plan of meals. When choosing and preparing food, you should be guided by the following principles.

Food to be avoided:

– sugar (all types of sugar, natural and processed),
– bad fats,
– salty foods,
– everything that contains a lot of sugar and fat (the common ketchup contains sugar for example, while the cream has a lot of fat),
– alcohol
– fruits and foods containing starch.

Source: Fitness Team Training

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