Top 5 Fantastic Workout Moves For Flattening Lower Belly

The lower abdomen is the hardest part of the body to get in shape and it is the easiest to get it out of shape. For that reason when working out this area it is important to maintain the exercising routine even after you make significant results.

Nowadays people are more obsessed with how they look than ever before. This perspective has many positive sides as keeping your body fit will greatly impact your health as well. Of course, any unnatural methods like steroids and surgeries don’t promise the same results, on the opposite side they can do you more harm.

The best way to get your body into shape is a clean diet and exercise. Many people find this difficult but doing it for a month it will become a habit and you will wonder why you haven’t started before. In reality, this healthy lifestyle is on hard the first couple of weeks as the benefits seem more vivid it becomes an inspiration to do more.

If you want to burn the belly fat and tone the abdominal area in today’s article we present to you the 5 most effective exercises that will provide you results in the shortest time.

Practicing these exercises for 4-5 times a week will not take a lot of your time but it will surely provide you amazing results. When it comes to diet it doesn’t too very strict if you are not an athlete but try to avoid process foods and sweets as they are number one enemy to your perfect abs.

#1. Leg Raise


#2. Toe Tap


#3. Dead Bug


#4. Reverse Crunch


#5. Knees to Chest



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