The Top 5 Fantastic Workout Moves For Flattening Lower Belly

The stomach is one of the troublesome zones for most people. The passive lifestyle, stress and consumption of unhealthy food are the main culprits for the big stomach.

If you have this problem, first and foremost you need to know is that a flat stomach is obtained through the exercise of the entire body, and not just by doing as many exercises as possible for the abdominal muscles. You may own the strongest abdominal muscles, but if they are concealed under fatty deposits, no one will know that you have them.

Stomach muscle exercises should be part of any fitness program. But in order to shape the abdominal muscles, you should not only do standard abdominal exercises, but you have to practice exercises for the whole torso.

Because you know that the areas you would like to shape as quickly as possible most often take the longest time, so it should be noted that obtaining these areas does not have to last long.

As you can already assume that we are talking about your lower abdominal because the thing is that you may not notice how you will get some extra fat in that area, but when it comes to losing that fat it certainly takes a lot of time and effort.

So it should be noted that you can not just enjoy unhealthy diet on a regular basis and expect that the training will do everything for you, so what we need to keep in mind is that in order to achieve the best result, you should pay more attention to what is happening in your diet. The healthier you eat, the sooner you will notice the expected result score.

Here are some exercises that will help you to achieve flattening the lower belly

You need to do 10 times 1 rep every exercise. And remember the most important thing is to do the exercises properly.

#1. Leg Raise

Follow the instructions in the picture below


#2. Toe Tap

Just follow the instructions in the picture below


#3. Dead Bug

You need to follow the instructions in the picture below


#4. Reverse Crunch

Follow the instructions in the picture below



#5. Knees to Chest

Just follow the instructions in the picture below


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