Tighten Your Belly In 1 Month With The Plank Challenge

As the weather is worming up, the summer is at our door steps. But are you ready to heat the beach and feel comfortable and sexy. Well If you didn’t work out this winter and gained a few pounds you have nothing to worry about


You have probably heard of the famous exercise planks. But have you every tried it before. For those who haven’t it might look easy and simple, however in practice is different.

This exercise is perfect for the abdominal area, mostly from the upper torso. While you are in the position that the exercise requires, your corset muscles are extracted almost to their maximum which will make you sweat more, than doing 100 crunches!

Remember to keep your back straight at all times while doing this exercise.

For best results exercise for the next 21 days and the changers will be vivid.

Week 1

First you can start with half a minute time. Hold on for 30 seconds and the next day increase the time. Keep increasing it on a daily basis.

Week 2

The second raise the timing up to minute and a half.

Week 3

The third week increase the time for one whole minute plus, don’t give up and try to reach it!

Source: Healthy Organic Earth

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