The Three-Minute Perfect Plank Workout

If you’re tired of doing crunches then planks are a phenomenal exercise that gives you the option of doing something other than a crunch to work your abs.

This exercise is holding the body in one position relying on the hands. There are several variations and modes of the performance of the plank, but all equally offer great results. Holding the body in this position gives you strength to the core of the body, back, and abdominal muscles.

Here’s what the workout looks like. Each plank variation is held for 30 seconds:

– Plank
– Plank with leg raises
– Side plank on the right arm
– Side plank on the left arm
– Plank
– Spiderman Planks

If you need to take a break during one of the planks, just place your knees on the ground and rest for a bit, then once you’re ready to go back into the plank.

Source: Train Hard Team

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