This Medicine Saved The Life Of Danny McDonald And Helped Cure His Stomach Cancer

When doctors informed Mr. Danny McDonald from Dunaff, Ireland that he has stomach cancer and will probably only live another three months, he decided to ignore their advice in order to avoid chemotherapy treatment and started using natural remedies to save his life.

Four years later Danny feels great thanks to the daily routine that he upheld, which includes drinking juice from young wheat – a super food with various amazing health benefits.

Danny became aware of his condition when his ulcer burst, after which he was taken to hospital where doctors fought to stop the bleeding and thereby discovered that Danny actually had a severe form of cancer in the terminal phase that had metastasized throughout his body. In their opinion, doctors warned him that the only way to save him was to start with chemotherapy and radiation immediately.

Unlike most people, Danny decided to explore other methods of treatment. He later informed his doctors that he decided on a homemade treatment that includes young wheat, young stems of this plant.

This Medicine Saved The Life Of Danny McDonald And Helped Cure His Stomach Cancer.

“I stopped using the pills that were prescribed to me and from that day on I haven’t taken them. A month later, the pain disappeared and I knew I was on the road to recovery. The wheat was having a positive effect. I made the right decision in rejecting the doctors and their advice.” – said Danny.

I started with 28gr of wheat juice daily and got up to 200gr a day. Danny successfully beat the cancer and his case is living proof of the regenerative force of young wheat.

It is young, green wheat, picked before the seed is developed. They are picked when they are 15-20cm in height in order to optimally utilize the medicinal substance, which moves from the leaves to the seed.

When grown in good conditions, young wheat contains from 82 to 92 minerals present in the ground and it is estimated that one teaspoon of young wheat powder (3gr) contains the same amount of minerals as half a kilogram of organic fruits and vegetables.

The treatment begins with 3 grams per day of young wheat powder, and then the dose is gradually increased to 6 grams per day.

When the wheat is collected, it is dried and finally crushed to become powder. It is dissolved in warm water and consumed that way. The water should not be hot because some of the nutritional substances are destroyed that way. It can be used fresh in a juicer with beetroot.

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