These Foods Are The Most Delicious Substitutes For Chocolate

Almost every fruit or at least most are a great substitute for your favorite chocolate. Therefore keep a bowl of fruit on the table that will be especially sweet, as to satisfy your maximum need for sugar.

In addition, here are some snacks that will help you resist milk chocolate:

Honey – When you feel that urge “I have to eat something very sweet”, reach for the honey. It is sweet enough to satisfy your need and is far healthier than chocolate pieces.

Ice cream – It is good news that ice cream without sugar exists or the even healthier ice cream that you can prepare yourselves. Add pieces of your favorite fruit, a tablespoon of honey and yogurt and you have a healthy homemade dessert.

Yogurt – Irrespective of whether it is full fat or low fat, yogurt is a great way to satisfy the need for something sweet.

Fruit and chocolate – The fact that you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean that you need to discard chocolate from your diet completely. Black chocolate with over 70% cocoa is an excellent substitute for milk chocolate, especially if mixed with fresh fruit.

These Foods Are The Most Delicious Substitutes For Chocolate.

Homemade cookies – When you feel like eating a cookie, learn a homemade recipe. That way you will know what it contains and you can change the taste to suit your desires and needs.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal isn’t just a morning meal. Also, if you add nuts, raisins or honey you will enjoy something sweet and healthy.

Chocolate popcorn – When you feel like eating something sweet, make yourself some popcorn. Only this time instead of salt, pour 4-5 cubes of melted dark chocolate over them. Popcorn contains between 50-70 calories, so you can eat it without feeling guilty.

Roasted apples – A roasted apple or pear is a healthy alternative that you can spice with walnuts, honey and cinnamon.

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