These 5 Bedtime Tips Can Help You Lose Weight

There are some tricks that you can do before bedtime that will help you in the process of losing weight. They won’t take much of your time and we promise you there is nothing complicated.

Stop Emotional Eating:

Andrea Wenger-Hess who is a nutritionist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, says that emotional eating is a big problem. People come after work late and sometimes they are stressed and depressed and therefore tend to overeat in the late hours. She suggests that instead of eating, you can try to have a book or a hot bath.


The American Council of Exercise states that lack of sleeping can de-balance the hormones which are responsible for controlling feelings of satiety and hunger. So in this case, stretching before bed can be of great help. It will relax your muscles and improve your sleep quality.

Have a Protein Shake:

Eating before bedtime will make you more fat. But a study conducted by researchers at Florida State University found that people who had a 150-calorie protein shake 30-60 minutes before bed experienced, quicker metabolism, better metabolic function and lower blood pressure.


Blackout Bedroom:

The Journal of Biological Rhythms, suggest that any light in the room, like TV, computer or even a lamp can contribute to gaining weight. The light actually disrupts the molecular circadian rhythms and therefore slows down the metabolism while sleeping.


Crank the AC:

The journals Diabetes conducted a study where a young men participants who slept in rooms that had a temperature of 66°F managed to increase the volume of brown fat, double the size. Other participants who slept in a temperature of 75°, did not have the same effect.

Source: Providr

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