The Way This 73-Year-Old Lady Transformed Her Body Is Inspirational

Joan MacDonald, a 73-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada, proves that despite her age, anything is possible if you want and dedicate enough time.

It is always said that when you are old it is very difficult to make changes, but when she was 70 years old, her general doctor told her that she had to use prescription drugs because of her age and since then she has decided to change her life.

Also one of the reasons that made her change was her mother, because she used the same drugs, taking medication after medication. And looking at everything her mother went through, she knew she simply did not want that life for her.

So she decides to turn to her daughter Michelle who’s a competitive powerlifter, yogi, professional chef, and owner of Tulum Strength Club located in Mexico and that turned to be the greatest thing in her life.

She started practicing cardio in the form of walking, practicing yoga, and even lifting weights. So gradually now McDonald’s is a star in fitness.

It can be found in front of many magazine covers, inspiring many people around the world to work hard and exercise.

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Joan lost 60 pounds [60 kg], and she felt much healthier and more beautiful than she had ever felt before.

She is now a celebrity on Instagram, who regularly posts how her transformation process went.

Her posts consist of motivational quotes and exercise videos, and people are inspired by how she has managed to defy her age and maintain her body and health.

She claims that she felt like a different woman and that now after several years of exercise she wants to inspire others, men and women to choose to lead a healthy lifestyle.

She says this new way of life has enabled her to meet and help, to encourage many others to do the same. And that if you are looking for a change, she can say that it is not an easy journey, but that it is worth it, so she hopes that her story gives confidence and that you too can change.

After several years of working out, Joan claims that she feels like a different woman.

“I know what macros are, I can create balanced meals, I know how to move around with confidence in the gym and I understand the importance of lifting heavyweight. I just love connecting with other women and men who are also choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve found that this new way of living has allowed me to meet and help encourage many others to do the same. If you are looking for a change I can tell you that it is not an easy journey but it is well worth it. I hope that my story gives you the confidence that you can change too.”

That is why it is known as the Canadian Wonder Grandma.

Source: Train Hard Team