The Tastiest Diet In The World: A Chocolate Diet

This is definitely the most enticing diet in the world. You can enjoy chocolate, popcorn and pasta without feeling guilty because you are on a chocolate diet! Doesn’t it sound like the diet of your dreams?

Its creator Lenny Neimark argues that it works perfectly but you can’t consume any other sweets, candies and biscuits.

During the chocolate diet you’re also not allowed to consume: alcoholic beverages, salt, sugar, oil, fried foods, dairy products, red meat, nuts, chips, fast food, cakes, coffee and soft drinks. Fruits to avoid: avocado, coconut, raisins and figs.

The secret to the “sweet” diet is that it speeds up the metabolism and the chocolate acts as a stimulant. You will be happy that you’re losing weight and because you can eat chocolate. However, don’t forget to drink mineral or plain water, which stimulates the metabolism even more.

Although the chocolate diet might seem tempting, don’t go overboard with uniform eating because it isn’t good, no matter what kind of diet it is.


Breakfast: Popcorn (without salt or butter) and fruit.

Lunch: Pasta salad.

Snack: Popcorn, one scoop of fruit ice cream with low fat milk or dark chocolate.

Dinner: Pasta with tomato sauce and garlic, salad.

You can eat chocolate with every meal.

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