The Best Diet For Employees

Do you work all day on the computer or the phone and eat while you work, but still need to make lunch when you get home? Here are a few tips:

If at least one third of your day is spent in front of the computer or eating fast food and not knowing the amount you have eaten then it is likely that you will have problems with your weight.

One week will be enough for a planned and controlled diet for you to see the first results, which will encourage you to continue with that nutritious diet.

The Best Diet For Employees

Breakfast, the first meal of the day, must not be missed and you can start the day, for example, with a piece of toast with cheese and a tomato or 30g oatmeal with milk and yogurt. Also a good choice is toast with come butter, a boiled egg and half a cup of orange juice.

Lunch is also an important meal, so we suggest 200gr potato, a salad dish, 2 pieces of cheese and a glass of fat-free yogurt; or a sandwich with 50g chicken and a pickle.

You should eat dinner earlier and choose one of the following: 75g pasta with sauce or 75g tomatoes as well as 100g boiled chicken. Another possibility is 150g of roast turkey or chicken meat with 75g French fries or 125g boiled potato. The third option is a large salad dish with boiled meat and rice. This type of meal has 400 calories.

The Best Diet For Employees.

The suggested meals can be prepared easy and quickly, so you don’t spend a lot of time cooking.

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