The Best And Worst Foods For a Good Quality Of Sleep

There is nothing more irritating that insomnia, especially when we know how important sleep is for the health. Certain foods have a bad affect on the quality of sleep, but there are other foods that encourage good sleep.


Chicken: When boiled the chicken only digests 50% when you’re sleeping and gets even slower if you eat more proteins digestion will be even slower. Instead of going to sleep, the body will be busy with digestion.

Wine: All alcohol is bad for sleep, but it also affects snoring.

Dark chocolate: Chocolate is not only high in calories but it also contains caffeine, especially dark chocolate. 45gr of milk chocolate contains12mg of caffeine, whereas dark chocolate contains 20mg, which is the same as half a cup of espresso.


Milk: Besides awakening good childhood memories, milk contains the aminoacid tryptophan, which affects the mood and makes sleeping much easier.

Grains: Carbohydrates are good for sleep, but it’s not a good idea to eat a box of sweets. You need to choose complex carbohydrates like cornflakes, which go well with milk.

Bananas: Bananas are good for sleep because they contain magnesium and calium, which naturally relax the muscles and are needed for cardiovascular health and cognitive function.

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