The 21-day Workout Challenge to Lose fat and Tone Your Whole Body

The 21-day workout challenge is twice as effective as a regular normal diet. It will help you sculpt your body, lose weight and burn the excess fat.

If you’re wondering if it can get any better, the answer is yes! You can do the exercises from the comfort of your home and they will only require 15-20 minutes of your time.

Here are the rules.

Complete 2 sets of the exercises and try not to rest until you finish at least one set. Make sure you have a towel near you because you will be sweating a lot. As you progress with the exercises try to focus on your breathing as this technique will get you a long way.

30  Jumping Jacks

This plyometric exercise is great as a cardio workout. It will improve your speed and stamina.

20 Deep Squats

You’ve probably have heard that squads are amazing for sculping your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It activates the muscles of the whole lower body and also your abdomen. Make sure you keep your torso upright and perform this exercise correctly.

1 Minute Plank

This exercise is holding the body in one position relying on the hands. There are several variations and modes of the performance of the plank, but all equally offer great results. Holding the body in this position gives you strength to the core of the body, back, and abdominal muscles, and if you want to go for the extra hard variant, kick your legs in the air, one after the other.

10 Burpees

First, you need to start in the plank position and then pull yourself up to the standing position. And next, you need to jump up in the air with your arms above your head and then come back down and back into the plank position.

10 push-ups

If you can not make a proper push-up you can always start with half a push-up as shown in the image. no worries you’ll catch up in a very short time.

10 Superman

First lie on your belly, with your arms and legs, fully extended and then lift both arms and legs off the floor, and hold for a count of 2.

Then return to the starting position and repeat.

This exercise may not look difficult, but after 20 or so seconds, your abs will be burning, so rest for a minute, grab a drink of water, and then gear up to repeat this series one more time through.

We hope you’re ready!

20 Sit-ups

First, you need to lie on the floor. And then hold your hands by your ears rather than behind your head to prevent a neck strain and bend your knees with your feet on the floor.

Next, lift your shoulders and upper back up and away from the floor with your face pointing toward the ceiling and then exhale as you come up as far as you can.

Hold for a second, then inhale as you return to the starting position. You need to repeat 15-25 times. This is an exercise beneficial for your upper abdomen.