The Secret To A Flatter Belly Is All In This Easy Body weight Workout

When it comes to our abs there is no easy way out. A part from a balanced diet we also need a good workout plan.

In today’s article we present to you 13 exercises that directly affect the abdominal muscles and get you in shape in a very short time.

To bolster ab and back muscles, try these Pilates stretches—doing them increases strength and flexibility, helping you to keep a trim profile 24-7.

Do these exercises 3 times a week to strengthen the muscles in your back and belly so you’ll stand taller and look slimmer.

1. Leg Lower and Lift

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and your legs extended and lifted directly over your hips, perpendicular to the floor.
Point your toes toward the ceiling, turn your feet out slightly, and lift your head, looking between your thighs.

This is the starting position.

2. Back Extension

Lay prone on the ground with bent elbows and your fingertips in line with your chest.

Then you should extend your elbows and push your upper body and hips off the floor.

When your elbows reach full extension, bring your body back to the starting position.

3. The Warrior

Step forward with one leg until you reach a right angle, and the other leg stays upright behind you. Raise your hands above your head and straighten your back. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then change the sides.

4. Desk Stretch

Sit on the front edge of a chair with feet flat on the floor and your body weight evenly distributed on top of your two pelvic sit bones.

Keeping your shoulders down, clasp your hands with fingers interlocked and raise your arms overhead, palms to the ceiling.
Lift your abdominal muscles to lengthen your lower back and stretch your spine up while keeping your gaze forward.
Hold for 5 to 10 seconds.

Release your hands as you relax your arms down by your sides, keeping the spine lengthened.

Exhale completely, inhale slowly, and then exhale again as you relax the muscles of your shoulders, arms, neck, and jaw.

5. Shoulder Stretch

Think of something pleasant; it helps relax your shoulders. Stand with your chest lifted and your shoulder blades down and back.
Bend your left arm behind your back.

Place the back of the left hand on your back and slide it up between your shoulder blades. Extend your right arm overhead, and bend the elbow, reaching your right hand between your shoulders to touch your left hand.
Clasp fingers if possible.

If your shoulders are too tight, place a small rolled towel in your right hand and use that to connect your hands.
Stretch your elbows in opposite directions, breathing evenly for 30 seconds. Then release, switch arms, and repeat.

Source: Gym Guider

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