Sassy Water For a Flat Stomach – Follow The Preparation Instructions And You’re Guaranteed To Get The Desired Result

This isn’t one of the products that cost a fortune, in fact its plain water enriched with herbs that are excellent fat fighters. Nutritionist Cynthia Sass, whose inventions is this drink, says another than the fact that it melts extra weight it acts great on the whole organism. And preparing it is simple:

Ingredients for Sassy Water

• 1 teaspoon ginger root
• 1 fresh cucumber (peeled and chopped into thin slices)
• 1 fresh lemon (also chopped into thin slices)
• 12 mint leaves

Put these ingredients into 8 glasses of water. The drink is left overnight, during which time each ingredient contributes to the magic of Sassy water. The drink is consumed the next day. It has a pleasant taste and a refreshing effect. Combined with moderate exercise the water will help you come to a flat stomach without having to starve.

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