Safe And Smart 6-Day Meal Plan To Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Metabolism is a process which represents the cells from your body which use its energy and it is controlled by the thyroid gland. As the metabolism has an effect on your temperature, your calorie count as well as the heartbeat if you don’t have sufficient thyroid hormone all of the processes in your body tend to slow down.

Hypothyroidism represents a condition where there is not enough thyroid hormone produced and all of the processes are going on really slow and by having a slow metabolism you will also experience problems with losing weight no matter how much you try.

Today we have for you 6 solutions that will help you achieve weight loss despite your condition and avoid damaging your body further.

1. The Starter Pack

You have to follow certain rules if you want to see results:

• Decide whether you are committed entirely
• Investigate more about sugar
• As well as the carbs your body processes which increase your hunger
• Try not to eat more sugar

Simple carbohydrates can be found in:

Table Sugar
Corn Syrup Sweetened Products
White Flour Products
Flavored Juices
Packaged Cereal
While this other type called complex carbs which are able to make you feel full for a longer period can be found in:
Brown Rice
100% Natural Fruit Juice or the raw fruits
Whole Wheat

2. Sweating fat off

You need to start working out in order to sweat more. The exercises will allow your metabolism to speed up and you will burn fat rapidly. Average exercising will allow normal secretion of the thyroid hormones and the possibility of weight gain will be almost eliminated. Do mostly cardio based workout routines.

3.Coconut oil will save you

Fatty acids in vegetable oils promote weight gain so you have to come up with solutions and the best one is definitely coconut oil as it enhances the thyroid function. The fatty acids will improve your glucose tolerance and also the sensitivity of insulin.

You can use it in cooking or 20 minutes before meals so you can prevent the fat from building up.

4. The magical snacks

Snacking can be quite dangerous if you don’t eat the proper snacks of course. Snacks can prolong the time between meals, therefore, your calorie intake will be reduced. What are the best snacks you could choose?

Of course, unsalted completely raw nuts which are filled with healthy nutrients and selenium too.

5. Oily supplements

The thyroid needs enough omega 3-fatty acids and it can be found in fish mostly. Fish oil supplements are also effective in weight loss.

6. The magical potion

Round of applause for the amazing Apple Cider Vinegar or often referred to as ACV only. It balances your hormones, it reduces your appetite and helps you lose weight in no time.

If you feel up to it a tablespoon of ACV will do the trick, simply mix it in a glass of water and that’s it. The results will be unbelievable.

Source: Daily Healthy Apple

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