Royal Secrets From The 18th Century: Diet Recipe Of Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette, queen of France, who we remember from the saying “Let them eat cake”, led her life guided by this saying.

Royal Secrets From The 18th Century Diet Recipe Of Marie Antoinette 1

The Queen of France often enjoyed desserts, spicy cuisine and gourmet meals. How did she manage to maintain her thin figure and her waist line of only 58 centimeters? We reveal a few sweet royal secrets from the 18th century.

Royal Secrets From The 18th Century Diet Recipe Of Marie Antoinette 3

The queen couldn’t resist the sumptuous desserts; she enjoyed eating real gourmet meals and enjoyed the gastronomic specialties that were fitting of her status. How is it possible to maintain a slender line and a waist size of just 58 centimeters, because, as stated in some historical sources, she didn’t need to wear corsets under her tight tailored dresses?

The secret to a thin waist is in orderly arrangement of meals, where for breakfast a certain amount of desserts are consumed and dinner is served as an easy meal.

Marie Antoinette’s breakfast consisted of pastries with coffee or hot chocolate, as a appetizer she ate pate, oysters and lobster, while for lunch she had rabbit stew, salmon or mussels. During the day she would eat macaroni and cheese with vegetables in spicy sauce.

The diet regime of this French queen reflects the “French paradox”, where fatty foods are eaten, while the slender line is still maintained and thus heart problems are avoided.

The key to Marie Antoinette’s diet is in the intake of sweets for breakfast, where the appetite is satisfied for a longer period, while dinner consists of soup or vegetables, where it is important not to consume unhealthy or strong food as well as alcohol.

So release yourself to a royal feast – a sweet breakfast, lunch of your choice and a light dinner before 8pm and you won’t have problems maintain your slim line.

Royal Secrets From The 18th Century Diet Recipe Of Marie Antoinette 2

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