Potato Juice: A Cure For Some Of The Most Serious Diseases

The healing properties of potatoes have been known from hundreds of years ago. Potato juice is especially known from the treatment of several diseases.

Successfully treated diseases are:

• Gastritis: 1Tbspn of potato juice diluted with some water should be taken half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• Gastric ulcer: 50ml of potato juice on an empty stomach and 50ml before lunch and dinner.

• Blood sugar levels – daily consumption of potato juice.

• Treatment for lung diseases: daily consumption of potato juice

• Cancer: Potato juice is part of the Brojsov therapy for the treatment of cancer.

• Diseases of the spleen and liver, heart disease, frequent headaches and period pains: daily consumption of potato juice.

How to prepare potato juice:

Wash the potatoes and remove any green parts of the crust. Place the potatoes in a juicer and in one minute you will have a glass full of health. Instead of using a juicer you can grate the potatoes and strain them using a linen cloth. Drink it fresh! For better taste you can add honey, lemon juice, carrot or apple.

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