Have Papaya Leaf Juice And Cure These Health Issues

Did you know that the papaya leaves are even more beneficial than the papaya fruit itself? They have a high nutritive value, keep your blood running and contain a number of powerful antioxidants. Furthermore, they contain papain which is an alkaloid with phenolic nature.

So what are the benefits of the papaya leaf?

1. Blood platelets – keep the platelets on a high level for serious illnesses is vital. The juice from papaya is good for this issue.

2. Healthy liver – the papaya leaf juice can help in cases of jaundice, also nourishes the liver.

3. Less diseases – these leaves contain acetogenin that is able to prevent the dengue malaria and fever. Moreover, it improves the immune system and fights off viruses and bacteria.

4. Better energy – papaya leaf juice improves the overall energy and stamina.

5. Good digestion – as we mentioned before that due to the papain and the enzymes like protease and amylase, digestion is much better. Furthermore, proteins and carbs are better absorbed. This juice is also great for those suffering from digestion problems and issues.

6. No inflammation – it has anti-inflammatory properties and calms these conditions in the entire body.

7. Leveling the inflammation – this juice regulates the periods and controls the PMS problems.

8. Healthy heart and cardio system – The papaya juice is full of antioxidants and makes vessels dilated and heart healthy.

9. Low blood sugar – this juice can regulate the insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels, as well as prevent diabetes and fatty liver disease with the help of these leaves.


1. Take some leafs and blend them well
2. Put the juice in a bottle and then in the fridge for 5 days.
3. Mix with fruit for taste if you like and drink it slowly because it doesn’t have a pleasant taste.


1. Get 10 medium size leafs and put them in 2 liters water.
2. Boil until the water is reduced to ½. Cool it off.
3. Strain it and drink it.
4. Always have this tea freshly made, in case you can’t – refrigerate maximum of 5 days.


Also if you don’t have the time for preparation of a recipe, you can take a supplement of the papaya leaf for example pills or tincture.

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Source: Organic Health Universe | Daily Health Gen

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