6 Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Many people are experiencing back pains nowadays and the task of finding the right positions and routines to ease the pain is definitely not a simple one. More »

Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods For Curing In 5 Minutes

Chronic stress and a lot of disorders and conditions, both physical and emotional, are closely related. This was proven with many studies and many people experience nausea, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, More »

3 Things That Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day

Nowadays Yoga is becoming more and more popular and the reason for that is that people realize the effectiveness of yoga in numerous fields and how it can help us in our More »

Here Is How To Detox Your Body Through Your Feet

Believe it or not, we are all surrounded by toxins and chemicals. There are in our food, especially the processed ones, there are in our drinks and even the air. More »

Eliminate 30 Pounds of Waste From the Colon by the End of the Day

Many people suffer from chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut and other issues with the digestive system. Because the colon has an important job of eliminating waste, it’s critical that you keep it More »


A 3-Day Diet To Detoxify The Body!

A 3-day diet to detoxify the body 01

Toxins reach our organism through food, oxygen, medicine and cosmetic products, so it isn’t bad if we help the body fight against these toxins, once a month. As long as these toxins stay in the body in time different symptoms develop like a lack of energy, weight problems, insomnia, mood changes, muscle pain and allergies.

10 Facts About Caffeine That Will Surprise You

10 Facts About Caffeine That Will Surprise You

We consume it mainly through coffee and tea, as we need to wake up, to obtain energy or simply to socialize easier. However, some facts about caffeine aren’t well known and will definitely surprise you.

A Fast Diet With Dried Plums

A Fast Diet With Dried Plums

Dried plums don’t represent a tasty snack, but they are great for strengthening the bones. They contain vitamin K, which is really important for the bones, and for clotting of the blood. Their soluble fibers slow down the absorption of glucose and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Here Is Why The Pomegranate Is Good For Our Organism

Here Is Why The Pomegranate Is Good For Our Organism 1

The pomegranate is one of many fruits which we don’t know enough about and don’t realize how effective it is for our organism. We know that because of its taste, a lot of people like to eat it or drink it whenever they have a chance. The pomegranate is a good antioxidant which is high recommended for the kidneys.